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PSEG as 100 people

PSEG has more than 12,000 employees across multiple states representing men and women from varied backgrounds and expertise. But could you conceptualize what a snapshot of PSEG would look like as just 100 people? That’s just what The PSEG Foundation set out to do when it partnered with the 100 People Foundation.

Using the 100 People Foundation philosophy and methodology, we set out to meet the 100 people that could best represent our company.  The result was a diverse group of employees that helped create a community that represents PSEG by job type and company-wide statistics. Employees from varied positions, levels and tenure were nominated by their peers as the people they most admire. 

Some of the employees chosen to help represent PSEG as 100 people served in the military where they learned about great teamwork, or are the third generation of their family to work for PSEG. More than one nominee was the first member of their family to attend college.  It is this diverse culture that makes us who we are: a great place to work and a committed member of the communities we serve. 

As part of the 100 People Foundation’s larger global initiative, our project will be used to teach students about what an energy company looks like and where energy comes from.

Meet the nominees, watch video interviews, and find out more about some of the people that help PSEG be the great company it is today and will continue to be in the future.  

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