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PSEG Test Preparation

If you’re interested in one of our tradesperson positions, a customer service position or a meter reader position, PSEG requires that you pass a validated pre-employment test before being considered for hire.

Click on the links below for tips, information and resources to help you through the test-taking process.

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Test Taking Tips

Test Taking Tips

Review these general test-taking tips, and then scroll down below to see additional information for the specific area you’re interested in.

  • Get enough sleep the night before your test.
  • Eat before taking the test.
  • Dress comfortably.
  • Allow plenty of time to arrive at the test site early.
  • If you feel nervous, try a breathing exercise to help you relax.
  • Listen carefully to the test administrator, and follow all instructions.
  • Work as quickly and as accurately as possible.
  • Skip over questions that are taking too long to answer, and go back to them later if you have time. (If you skip a question, make sure you also skip the corresponding question on the answer sheet!)

Our tradespersons apprentice programs tests include graphic arithmetic and mechanical concepts (physics). You’ll be required to provide answers derived from looking at drawings, such as the distance between two points or the surface area of a rectangle. We’ll also measure your ability to work with formulas, such as converting quarts to gallons.

Our customer service test requires strong keyboarding skills and a demonstrated ability to follow instructions. To see if you can thrive in a customer service environment, practice performing consecutive tasks such as typing a document, making a phone call, and then toggling to a spreadsheet - then start over.

Our meter reader test is concerned with speed and accuracy as you perform such tasks as identifying tables that match sets of listed numbers.

With the exception of our meter reader test, all PSEG pre-employment tests will measure your reading comprehension, math skills and problem-solving abilities. Check the internet or your local library for study guides and practice tests in these areas.

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Types of Testing

Types of Tests


Note: Job titles are examples of positions that require these tests. Other positions may also require such tests.


Construction and Skilled Trades (CAST) Test
Underground Technician
Division Mechanic
Automotive Technician
Substation Mechanic

Gas Battery Test (sample test)
Street Apprentice
Service Apprentice
Utility Mechanic Apprentice


Plant Operator Selection System/Mechanical Aptitude Selection System (POSS/MASS) Test

Plant Operator

Mechanical Operator
Technical Operator
Combustion Turbine Operator
Nuclear Worker
Nuclear Technician-Mechanical
Nuclear Technician-Controls (INC)

Technician Occupation Selection System
Apprentice Relay Technician
Apprentice Engineering Technician
Nuclear Technician Chemist
Nuclear Technician Radiation Protection (RAD-PRO)

Systems Operator/Power Dispatch (SC/PD) Test
Electric System Operator
Apprentice Service Dispatcher


Customer Service Representative Test Battery
Credit and Collections Representative
Customer Service Center Representative


Meter Reader Test
All Meter Reader positions


Support and Administrative Selection System (SASS)
All entry-level union clerical positions

First Line Supervisor (FLST) Test
Positions that directly supervise union associates

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PSEG Sample Test Tutorials

PSEG Sample Tutorials

For Practice Tests, Skill Builders and Test Brochures, you can visit online practice tests at When prompted, please enter the following:


Name: car
Password: boat

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