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Acing Your Interview

Your success is important to PSEG, so we provide all the information, tools and support you need to apply properly, interview effectively and take your tests with confidence. If you’re interested in one of our entry-level positions, our free Career Guide offers a wealth of helpful info, including job descriptions, study guides, and tips on resume writing, interviewing, test-taking, and more.

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Resume Checklist
Prior to Your Interview
During the Interview
After the Interview



Resume Checklist

  1. Include your contact information:
    • Full name
    • Address
    • Phone numbers (list all that are appropriate)
    • Email address
  2. Tell us what position(s) you’re interested in:
    • Provide a brief objective statement including any relevant experience as it relates to the requirements for the PSEG position in which you’re interested
  3. Detail your work history, experience and qualifications:
    • List your employment history, descending from the most recent at top
    • Include dates of employment for all positions listed (for example, January 2004 – May 2007)
    • Provide specific skills, programs, training and qualifications that highlight your background and experience
    • Highlight any work-related experience that relates specifically to the required/desired qualifications of the PSEG position in which you’re interested
  4. Provide your education and associations:
    • Educational background and degrees (if applicable)
    • Professional associations
  5. Be clear and concise:
    • Use bold, intuitive and easily-identifiable headings
    • Indent sub-sections where appropriate
    • Use quantifiable data as often as possible
    • Ensure that your contact info is on each page
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Prior to Your Interview

Prior to the Interview

What to do before your interview

  1. Know the opportunity:
    • Explore the PSEG website to become familiar with our services, culture, financial standing and other pertinent company information.
    • Familiarize yourself with the job description and required/desired qualifications for the position.
    • Prepare any of your own questions about PSEG and the position before the interview.
  2. Know your strengths:
    • Review your background and experiences (your resume is a great place to start).
    • Be prepared to discuss your past experiences, positions, roles and responsibilities in detail.
    • Make a list of accomplishments and experiences of which you’re most proud, and which best relate to the position at hand. Be prepared to discuss.
    • Consider the reasons you’re seeking opportunities outside of your present position. Such reasons could include job content, company/industry change, financial factors or organizational culture.
    • Assess your future career goals.
  3. Come prepared:
    • Expect to meet with an interview panel/team, as opposed to several one-on-one interviews.
    • Bring multiple copies of your resume to the interview.
    • Practice! Try preparing a closing statement as to why you’re the best fit for the position.
    • Dress in appropriate business attire, unless otherwise instructed.
    • Arrive at least 15 minutes early to allow time to park, access the building and find your destination.
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    During Your Interview

During the Interview

  1. Understand the format:
    • Following a behavioral-based format, your interviewers will focus questions on your past experiences, prior actions, knowledge skills and job-related abilities.
    • Expect behavioral-based questions such as:
      • “In leading a project, describe how you handled an obstacle in completing it.”
      • “Tell me about a time when you exceeded a customer’s expectations.”
      • “Describe a conflict situation and how you communicated your solution.”
    • Your answers should follow the “S.T.A.R.” format (Situation, Task, Actions, Results), in which you:
      • Explain the Situation.
      • Define the Task you were charged with accomplishing.
      • Describe the Actions you took to accomplish the task.
      • Share the Results of your actions.
    • Be prepared to discuss examples of your past achievements, using the S.T.A.R. format.
  2. Ask questions and exchange information:
    • Ask about the position’s daily roles and responsibilities.
    • Inquire about the leadership of the group, management styles, workplace culture, and anything else of interest.
    • Ask about growth opportunities and what it takes to advance in the company.
    • Request contact information from the interviewers.
    • Ask for your PSEG recruiter’s name and email address.
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After Your Interview

After the Interview

  1. Please be patient:
    • The PSEG selection process can take several weeks.
    • You will receive email notification of your status a few weeks after your interview.
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