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Green Energy Jobs with an Energy Leader

PSEG is working to become a leader in developing New Jersey’s green energy workforce. We understand that if New Jersey is to meet its ambitious goals for combating climate change and transitioning to a green economy, we must effectively define and develop green jobs and our own green workforce today—and we’re doing so.

To learn more, click one of the tabs below or download our white paper, PSEG’s Developing New Jersey’s Green Energy Workforce.

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Whats a green job

What's a “Green Job”?

A “green job” is defined generally as one that reduces humans’ negative impact on the environment. In the electric and gas industry, green jobs include any function that reduces negative environmental impacts from the wellhead or generating station to the end user. This could be a Ph.D scientist developing solar panel technologies, or the solar panel installer trained at a community college. It could be a building analyst with a Master’s Degree performing energy audits on large facilities, or a worker with a vocational high school education who retrofits homes with insulation and more efficient equipment. It also includes the range of employees who design, build and run nuclear power plants – by far our nation’s largest source of zero-carbon generation.

Green jobs are generally not brand new career paths, but rather modifications of existing careers. For PSEG, a green worker is anyone who the energy industry will need to help meet New Jersey’s aggressive energy efficiency, renewable energy and carbon reduction goals.

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New Jerseys Plan

New Jersey's 2009 Plan

The State of New Jersey has set three aggressive energy goals to be reached by the year 2020:

  • Reduce demand for electricity and non-electric heat by 20 percent of projected levels
  • Generate 20 percent of electricity from renewable resources
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions to their 1990 levels

One of the characteristics of the renewable energy and energy efficiency industries is that they are labor intensive and promote local job creation. Evidence suggests that meeting the rising demand for green workers will be a tremendous challenge across the country – which means that workers trained and skilled in green energy jobs will be presented with vast opportunities.

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce development provides information about green jobs at their website, as well as, information about their workforce apprenticeship programs.

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PSEG Commitment

The PSEG Commitment

While we are becoming familiar with the litany of consequences of failing to combat climate change, there are equally more compelling and positive benefits to be realized if we meet this challenge. Chief among them is economic growth and the creation of well-paying green energy jobs. PSEG is committed to working with partners throughout the state so that New Jersey can realize the full potential of the green economy. Our commitment includes:

  • Attracting and preparing a greater number of diverse and skilled workers for the green energy industry
  • Creating workforce development programs and partnerships that help the energy industry adapt to the evolving green economy
  • Facilitating the transfer of knowledge between our green workforce and our traditional workforce

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