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Diversity & Inclusion at PSEG


Diversity and inclusion makes things work for our employees, our business operations, our customers and our community. Providing energy and energy services to one of most diverse regions in the nation is an important distinction for PSEG.

As a responsible corporate citizen and a leader in the energy field, we know that reflecting, valuing and leveraging diversity and inclusion means we'll continue to attract different people with different minds who bring us better ideas and the best solutions.

We are on a journey to continuously bolster our commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace. Active participation from employees in a whole range of efforts – from the PSEG Diversity and Inclusion Council as well as our sub councils and teams to our employee business resource groups, have and will continue to help us achieve progress on this journey.

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Our Diversity and Inclusion Commitment


Diversity embraces the full breadth of all people, their ideas, thoughts and perspectives, and a vast blend of organizational and human characteristics, experiences, needs and traditions of our people. Inclusion is demonstrated by a culture that fosters a sense of belonging to all members of the organization so that they are welcomed, respected and valued, as both human beings and business partners. Diversity and inclusion drive success across our company, and are an essential part of everything we do, every day.

PSEG needs everyone to be able to perform at their highest capability, feel trusted, and have the opportunity to be heard in the workplace. In order to achieve our operational excellence, reliability, profitability, and customer service objectives, we must develop our workforce to reflect and respect our marketplace and our communities. We must develop an inclusive culture that empowers all of our people to contribute to our successes. A win-win-win.

We will achieve our diversity and inclusion goals by building on the following values:

TRUST - We trust each other's opinions and decisions and proactively address diversity and inclusion opportunities and challenges. We assume positive intent.

RESPECT - We approach each day with the determination to demonstrate dignity and respect for ourselves, coworkers, stakeholders and the communities we serve.

KNOWLEDGE - We become effective allies for others by learning about cultures, traditions, and life experiences different from our own.

AUTHENTICITY - We communicate in a clear, open and honest manner, with integrity and reflecting our commitment to diversity and inclusion principles and practices. We have the courage and conviction to speak up. We will not look the other way when something is wrong.

Employee Business Resource Groups

PSEG is home to a number of employee business resource groups that serve to support our longstanding commitment to diversity and inclusion as well as allow employees to gain access to informal networks of both information and support. These groups sponsor events that help sustain an inclusive workforce as well as educate employees about critical company initiatives. Current PSEG employee business resource groups, which are open to all employees, include:

Adelante Group

Adelante's vision is to cultivate an environment where Hispanics/Latinos are recognized and represented at all levels throughout PSEG. Their mission is to be a resource for all employees at all levels who want to gain a greater understanding of, or contribute to, the Hispanic/Latino experience and perspective.

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American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE)

American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE) is a non-profit national organization comprised of energy professionals dedicated to ensuring the input of minorities in the discussion and development of energy policies, regulations, R&D technologies, entrepreneur opportunities and environmental issues in the United States. For more information on AABE, visit the AABE Website

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Asians and Pacific Islanders Reaching for Excellence (ASPIRE)

Asians and Pacific Islanders Reaching for Excellence (ASPIRE)'s vision is to enhance the presence and influence of Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders by attracting, retaining and developing the current and future business leaders to further PSEG's objectives.

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Black Professionals Network

Black Professional Network is a resource to support and develop future PSEG leaders who can help foster innovation, performance excellence, community and customer commitment as a way to enable us to better serve our stakeholders and clients in the community.

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Enabling Abilities

Enabling Abilities works to foster a more inclusive workplace in which the full abilities of employees are unleashed and where employees with disabilities and caregivers can bring their whole-selves to work, building awareness of the capabilities and contributions of employees and customers with disabilities within the workplace and the communities we serve.

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FEAT (Functional Environmental Achievement Team)

FEAT (Functional Environmental Achievement Team) looks to engage others in working to improve the environmental well-being of our communities, provide solutions and a comprehensive understanding of the everyday problems impacting our environment, support and partner with other functional and active environmental organization, as well as, inspire sustainability.

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GaLA - Gay & Lesbian Alliances at PSEG

GaLA - Gay & Lesbian Alliances at PSEG acts to assist PSEG with the creation of a safe and inclusive work environment. GaLA's mission is to foster a community where GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender) employees and their allies are recognized and valued as part of the diverse cultural mix within all levels of the organization.

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North American Young Generation in Nuclear (NA-YGN)

NA-YGN North American Young Generation in Nuclear looks to unite young professionals who believe in nuclear science and technology, and are working together throughout North America to share their passion for a field that is alive and kicking! Its mission is to attract, retain and promote the next generation of nuclear employees. To learn more about the NA-YGN, please visited the website.

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PSEG Vets' vision is to be recognized as a group who strives to show its patriotism by honoring and supporting the men and women who serve our country past and present. In collaboration with PSEG leadership PSEG Vets work toward a common goal for the success of the group and the company. The group's mission is to raise awareness, offer support and serve as an information resource to all PSEG veterans, active, guard, and reserve military professionals, as well as their families and friends.

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PSEG Women's Network

PSEG Women's Network has a mission to be a forum to provide professional women at PSEG with career development insight and skills to aid in their success in job satisfaction and advancement, as well as providing an environment that will foster collaborative mentoring and support.

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Women in Nuclear

Women in Nuclear chapter at PSEG Nuclear is affiliated with Women in Nuclear Global and United States and serves to support an environment in nuclear energy and nuclear technologies in which women are able to succeed. This group provides a network through which women in these fields can further their professional development and an organization association through which the public is informed about nuclear energy and nuclear technologies.

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RISE UP (Resource for Inclusive, Seasoned and Engaged Utility Professionals)

RISE UP (Resource for Inclusive, Seasoned and Engaged Utility Professionals) seeks to engage seasoned and experienced employees, as well as those who will one day become seasoned professionals in their respective field.

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TYPP (The Young Professionals of PSEG)

TYPP (The Young Professionals of PSEG) is dedicated to achieving and maintaining excellence in daily work practices, standards of integrity, and industry wide principles. Through continued professional and personal development, TYPP seeks to nurture and grow the next generation of employees to ensure the successful future of PSEG.

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PSEG Diversity and Inclusion Council

The PSEG Diversity and Inclusion Council is designed to support enterprise diversity and inclusion efforts at PSEG. Its membership reflects the diversity of the company, as it is comprised of employees who represent varied parts of the business,  hold different  levels of experience and service, and are of different ages, ethnicities, religions and of course, race and gender.

Council members are responsible for helping to educate and bring greater awareness of PSEG’s diversity and inclusion commitment to employees. Individually, they serve as role models who champion diverse perspectives and inclusive behaviors within their own work environment, and throughout the company at large.

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Supplier Diversity

PSEG believes that supplier diversity is good business and has established a supplier diversity process that supports the growth and increase of business with certified minority- and women-owned firms.

PSEG has been committed to supplier diversity for over twenty years with accumulative spend with minority- and women-owned businesses of more than $1 billion, that has strengthened the economy, encouraged job creation and built shareholder equity.

Learn more here:

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  • 2016 Diversity Leader by Profiles in Diversity Journal.
  • PSEG appeared on the 2015 “Top 50 Employers” in Equal Opportunity Magazine.
  • PSEG ranked 19 in the nation on the Top 100 Military-Friendly Employers for 2016; moving up four spots from its 23rd-place ranking on the 2015 list. In 2014, the company earned a 29th place ranking on this list.  
  • In September of 2015, PSEG was presented with the Seven Seals Award by the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve for its commitment to military professionals and veterans. The Seven Seals Award is the broadest and most inclusive award given by the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve. 
  • PSEG received the Employer of the Year Award from the Joint Disability Issues Committee of the Newark and Essex County Workforce Investment Boards and the Newark Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (DVRS).
  •  In November of 2015, The New York and New Jersey Minority Supplier Development Council, Inc. honored PSEG with its Local Corporation of the Year Award for having an exemplary supplier diversity program among local organizations.
  • In October of 2015, PSEG was honored with Supplier Diversity Development Council Conference (SDDC) Economic Impact Award in recognition of its commitment to the economic growth and development of diverse businesses in the state of New Jersey.

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PSEG's commitment to Diversity and Inclusion
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