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Competitive Solicitation Process for Residential Customers

In previous versions of the Solar Loan Program, customers were permitted to apply for loans at any time, and the program included a set floor price for SREC value that was dependent on the date that your application was received. 

In the current version of the program, PSE&G will hold 4-6 competitive solicitations each year.  During those solicitations, only a portion of the total capacity for each segment will be available to applicants.  View a copy of the schedule.

Applicants are required to provide a bid for a guaranteed SREC floor price at the time that they submit their application.  These bids will determine if the application is accepted by PSE&G and also have a direct impact on the loan amount.

  • Learn how the competitive solicitation process works.
  • Example of a hypothetical residential Solar Loan Program applicant.
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