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PSE&G's Solar Loan Program

PSE&G will begin accepting applications for the twenty second (23) solicitation of our Solar Loan III Program on Monday, April 16 at 10:00am.

Applications will be accepted through a link on this website.

The solicitation will be open until 5:00pm on Monday, April 30, 2018.  PSE&G commercial and residential electric customers are eligible to apply. Interested parties are encouraged to review this website for further information, including the
solicitation schedule and program capacity being made available.

Thank you for your interest.

PSE&G's Solar Loan program provides access to financing for homeowners in our electric service territory who want to install a solar system on their home.  View program requirements.

The latest extension of the Solar Loan program includes some important changes to earlier program rules.

Specifically, the new Solar Loan program:

  • Uses 10-year loan terms only.
  • Does not use a "call option" for SRECs.
  • Requires borrowers to pay for administrative costs associated with loans.  View the Solar Loan program's fee structure.
  • Requires borrowers to certify that they own the property they will be building or have written permission for solar development from the property's owner.
  • Has a set interest rate of 11.179%.
  • Allocates the 97.5MW-dc of solar capacity to several different segments.  View the available capacity.
  • Includes a competitive solicitation process for SREC floor prices that will remain in effect for the duration of the loan (unless repaid earlier). Learn more information about the competitive solicitation process.

View a presentation about the PSE&G Solar Loan program for residential customers:


View or download a copy of this video presentation.

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