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Buy ENERGY STAR® Labeled Products

If you're in the market to buy new energy products, look for products with the ENERGY STAR® label.

  • The ENERGY STAR label is the national symbol for energy efficiency and is a voluntary partnership among the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, product manufacturers, local utilities and retailers.
  • The ENERGY STAR label helps to identify products that are energy-efficient and, therefore, cost less to operate. These products include household appliances, compact fluorescent light bulbs, lighting fixtures, home electronics, office equipment, heating and cooling products, and windows.
  • ENERGY STAR labeled products exceed federal energy efficiency standards, typically by 13-20%. Furthermore, many ENERGY STAR labeled products, such as TVs, computers, and other equipment, do not cost more than standard efficiency models.
  • Some ENERGY STAR labeled products, such as heating and cooling equipment, may cost a little more but energy bill savings make up for the slightly higher upfront price, often saving 15-40% annually over standard efficiency products.
  • ENERGY STAR labeled products also help to protect the environment by using less energy than conventional products that cost more to operate. To find the store closest to you carrying ENERGY STAR labeled products, use the store locator or product finder feature on the ENERGY STAR website at
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