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Tree Trimming and Vegetation Management

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PSE&G is dedicated to delivering safe and reliable electrical service. One of the ways we accomplish this is by integrating a professional vegetation management program into our daily operations.

Our arborists ensure that trees near power lines are properly maintained in order to allow for reliable service.  Tree trimming work differs based on whether a utility line is part of the distribution or transmission system. Each system has unique requirements.

Transmission lines are high-voltage utility wires, strung over long distances and designed to transmit large amounts of energy over vast areas.  They are typically seen between large metal towers within the Rights-of-Way on PSE&G easements and company-owned land. We take an integrated vegetation management approach on the border zone which often allows slow-growing compatible species to remain in the area. Generally, vegetation located underneath a transmission wire (also known as the wire zone) is permitted to remain if it matures under 3 feet in height.

Comparatively, distribution lines are lower-voltage electrical wires, often seen on utility poles and located alongside roadways or in easements along property lines. Trees that are close to power lines must be cut back to ensure they don't cause power outages, and PSE&G does much of that work proactively.

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