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The information below will help you enjoy all the comforts and convenience of electricity and gas, while avoiding potential hazards.

Electric Safety

Downed power wires are dangerous—electricity can still flow through them. Stay away from fallen lines and anything or anyone that may have come in contact with them. Report the problem to PSE&G by calling 1-800-880-7734 (PSEG). More safety tips here.

Report power outages online at or by calling 1-800-880-7734 (PSEG).  Learn what to do if you lose power.

Learn how to properly install and safely use electric generators.

Electrical safety mythsHere are some of the most common misconceptions, valuable information that can save lives.

Kite and balloon safety – Metallic balloons and kites can cause unnecessary power outages and injuries.

Vegetation management - Trees that are close to power lines must be cut back to ensure they don't cause power outages or safety concerns. Learn about our trimming and management program and which trees to plant.

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Gas Safety

If you smell gas, open a window, leave the building and call 1-800-880-7734 (PSEG) to report the problem.

Natural gas is a colorless, odorless hydrocarbon that’s nearly 100% combustible. A distinctive odor, like rotten eggs, is added to natural gas to help assist in the detection of leaks, though it should not be solely relied upon to provide warning.

Learn what to do if you smell gas and understand the warning signs of an underground leak and.and the potential hazards of damage to a private sewer line that connects a building to a public sewer system. 

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Your Safety

House heater safety – be cautious when using space heaters and check your heating equipment periodically. Learn how to safely use home heating equipment.

Holiday safety tips – Festivities often include decorative lights, candles and overloaded electrical circuits.  Learn how to avoid potentially dangerous situations during the holidays.

Flood safetywhat to do if your building floods.

Storing flammable material near fuel burning appliances is dangerous. Learn how to do it safely.

An overheating gas boiler or furnace can be extremely dangerous. Learn the signs.

Do your gas connectors need replacing? – Schedule an appointment today.

Know what and where buried fuel lines might be, and who has responsibility for getting them inspected. 

Exposure to carbon monoxide can cause flu-like symptoms, including headache, dizziness, weakness, nausea and loss of muscle control. Knowing the signs and what to do can avoid serious illness and even death.

Call Before You DigPlanning on planting a tree or installing a fence post? Call first, and request a “mark out” of underground facilities. It’s easy, free, and it’s the law. Call 811 or 1-800-272-1000.

Keep your home safe in cold weather – Winter can create hazards for your chimneys and vents and ice and snow can interfere with the proper operation of your gas metering system.  Learn how to keep your home safe.

Grill safelyLearn how to operate, maintain and store a gas grill.

Work safely outdoorsSafety tips to help you work safely outside your home.

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Employee safety

Animals – Keep dogs and other animals properly secured and away from our employees. Secured would refer to placing them in another room where the employee will not be working.

Keep outside utility equipment clear - Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed and at a distance from gas meters and other utility equipment so that we can access it for readings and repairs.  To provide safe access to your residence, a path needs to be cleared, as well as, outside steps to your door during periods of snow and or ice.

Service area safety - Whether reading your meter, investigating a problem, or servicing your special business needs we need to keep our employees safe and in compliance with OSHA rules and regulations. We ask that you keep our equipment well lit and clutter-free and notify us of any special safety requirements or hazardous conditions that might apply to our employees when working at your facility. And please, drive safely in our work zones.

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