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Excess Flow Valve Notice

PSE&G is now offering the installation of excess flow valves, or EFVs. EFVs are safety devices installed on natural gas service lines that carry the gas from the street to your home. EFVs reduce the amount of gas released if a gas pipe is accidentally damaged. 

How can I get an EFV installed?

If you don’t already have one on your gas service, you may request the installation of an EFV by submitting a completed load sheet. For residential premises, use this form; for commercial buildings use this form.

If your natural gas facilities and service are compatible, you can make an appointment with PSE&G to have the EFV installed.

To install the EFV, PSE&G will need to access your gas service line by digging in the roadway in front of your property or in your lawn near the curb line. After PSE&G applies for and receives required road opening permits, it would dig either in the roadway in front of your property or near the curb in your lawn or sidewalk. That work typically takes 3-6 hours to complete.

How much does it cost?

PSE&G will bill you for each EFV installation, including parts, equipment and labor. For calendar year 2017, the cost is most likely between $2,400 and $2,800. That number is meant to be a ballpark; it could change.

Please note that EFVs must be sized to operate properly under load conditions. This means that any significant load changes that require a larger meter or gas service (such as installing an emergency generator or pool heater) may require the replacement of the EFV, which would incur an additional cost.

Is there a chance that one is already installed?

If you see a metal tag on your meter set, you already have an EFV installed. If you don’t see the tag, it is still possible that one may be installed. You can find out if your service has an EFV or if your gas service is compatible for an installation by emailing 

A metal tag is attached to the meter set of a service that has an EFV installed.

Please know, EFVs do not protect against leaks beyond the gas meter on customer piping inside your home. The EFV will only provide added protection should your gas service experience a sudden disruption, most commonly due to damage from construction, roadwork or excavation.

How can I get more information?

You may contact PSE&G’s Construction Inquiry Department at with the subject line “EFV Inquiry” and include your service address and contact information. You may also call 1-800-722-0256.

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