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Call Before You Dig

Whether you plan to plant a tree or new garden; put in a sprinkler system, mailbox post or fencing; install ground rods for electrical systems; or excavate for a home addition, you need to call beforehand to know where it's safe to dig. For your own well-being and the safety of PSE&G’s underground pipes, cables and equipment, please “Call Before You Dig”. It’s the law.

  • Call Before You Dig Program:  To request a FREE mark out of underground facilities, call 811 or 1-800-272-1000 at least three full business days before digging starts.  This call will automatically notify utility operators to mark out underground utilities lines that include natural gas, water, cable, telephone and electric.
  • Wait the Required Time: Wait three full business days after calling before doing any digging. Underground utilities will be marked with paint, flags or stakes. If the site does not have underground utilities, you will be notified.
  • Note the Expiration Requirements:  The mark out permission will expire after 45 calendar days. Digging must begin within 10 days after the original mark out was requested.
  • Respect the Marks: Always hand dig and locate underground utilities within two feet of marked lines.
  • Dig With Care: Making the call before you dig will help prevent property damage and potential injuries. Please be sure to dig safely.
  • If you accidentally damage gas piping or smell gas when excavating, please call 1-800-880-7734 (PSEG) immediately from a safe area.
  • Please review the damage prevention booklet that provides additional information on safe excavating practices and the protection of underground facilities.
  • For additional information covering damage prevention initiatives, check out the following websites:
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