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Why it’s important to report an outage

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It is extremely important for customers to notify PSE&G that they are experiencing an outage. While PSE&G monitors the status of its system, it does not have the capability to monitor the status of the system to the individual customer location. Without a call, PSE&G may not know that a customer is out of power. PSE&G’s Outage Management System (OMS) groups outage calls as they are received. PSE&G customers are associated with a part of the system that serves them and their neighbors. An individual “no light” call is treated as such until other “no light” calls from customers served by the same part of the system are received. Once PSE&G receives more calls, the OMS then identifies the outage of that part of the system. If other portions of our electrical equipment in the area are also identified as out of service, the OMS system then identifies the outage as more extensive. Regardless of the piece of equipment that is out of service (individual service, transformer or circuit), PSE&G personnel will respond to the outage.

Additionally, it is important for customers to notify PSE&G of damage to any PSE&G facilities such as a wire down, a broken pole, a flash at pole top or a tree on conductors. Once a plant damage report is received, PSE&G’s damage assessment process begins. An experienced PSE&G person is assigned to investigate the report of damage to PSE&G’s facilities and to report this information back to headquarters. Appropriate work orders are then prepared and a repair crew, or crews, will then be assigned the job. Having this information from a customer helps ensure that power is restored to your location as quickly as possible because PSE&G then does not have to spend time looking for the damage location if an outage occurs and no plant damage reports are received. Remember, please stay at least 300 feet away from all downed wires and keep others from going near them as well.  

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