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Benefits of MyAccount 

PSE&G customers can conduct much of their business online with MyAccount.  There is no charge for accessing this portal, which provides a convenient way for customers to view and pay bills, review their bill history and update and their account information.

Benefits and capabilities include:

  • Paperless Billing - Instead of receiving a paper bill each month, you receive an email reminder with your bill amount and due date, and notification that your detailed bill is available to view or print online.
  • Online bill payment and Automatic bill pay - You can log on to pay your PSE&G bill online whenever it is convenient for you, or sign up for Automatic Bill Pay to authorize regularly scheduled payments. All payment options are free except for credit card payments; a small processing fee is assessed by our credit card partner.
  • Equal Payment Plan (EPP) – The EPP is a great way to manage fluctuating energy costs by paying the same amount each month. While you still pay for the exact amount of the energy you use, the total cost is spread equally throughout the year. Every year, your account is reviewed and you are billed your regular EPP amount minus any credit owed to you, or plus any balance due.  We’ll also let you know if your future EPP amount needs to be adjusted, due to a change in your energy use.
  • MyAlertsSign up for MyAlerts to report power outages via text message, as well as receive outage updates and payment notifications by text and email. You can store up to 5 mobile phone numbers and 5 email addresses per account.
  • Personal Bill and Energy Usage Analysis - Check your home’s energy efficiency with a customized home energy analysis that’s based on your actual usage. Check out the Appliance Calculator, the Interactive Home, plus other quick, easy tools to understand and manage your bills.
  • Report a power outage and get updates on service restoration progress. These updates reflect the most current information specific to your outage.
  • Report a streetlight outage. Up to 10 lights can be reported out at a time. Please be ready to provide specific location information.
  • Start and stop service – Current customers can quickly handle closing an account, as well as starting service at a new location in our service territory.
  • Manage a service appointment – Need an appliance repair? Need to change an appointment? Use this handy feature to schedule and change repair appointments.
  • Submit a meter reading – Did you miss the meter reader this month? Submit it here.. If you frequently have estimated meter readings, please call us to schedule an actual meter reading so we can bill you for the energy you used.
  • Create and manage a landlord account – This convenient service ensures that when your tenants move out, the account is returned to your name and there is no interruption.
  • Update your contact information and banking details. The phone number and email addresses listed for you here become the primary form of contact; other contacts will be used for specific purposes (such as MyAlerts or Editing your Log In information) as requested by you.
  • View bill inserts – Stay abreast of news and offers by viewing our monthly bill insert information.  (Not just for Paperless Billing customers!)
  • WorryFree Coverage – Review your coverage here, or enroll to protect yourself from unexpected repair bills.

Register for MyAccount or log-in.  Need help?  Check out these frequently asked questions.  

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