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Advantages of Natural Gas

Natural gas is one of our country’s most economical and efficient fuels. This environmentally friendly source of energy keeps our homes warm in the winter, provides hot water, cooks our food and dries our clothes.

Natural gas is:


  • PSE&G’s gas supply rate reductions have resulted in the lowest gas rate in 15 years
  • Priced lower than oil or propane
  • Pay for what you use, after you use it (unlike oil)
  • Rebates available from NJ’s Clean Energy Program on high efficiency equipment. For more information, visit
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Safe and Environmentally-friendly

  • Eliminate the need for storage tanks, and the threat of oil spills from deliveries and soil contamination
  • Cleanest burning fossil fuel – doesn’t leave behind soot, ash or odor
  • Trained PSE&G experts will perform complete safety inspection of equipment installation


  • Delivered to your home through a pipeline system that is not commonly affected by weather or adverse conditions
  • Eliminate fuel delivery worries – natural gas is always available when you need it
  • Free safety and adjustment service for all of your gas-fired equipment provided by our own skilled fleet of technicians
  • Easy service appointment scheduling online or by phone 1-800-350-PSEG (7734) – available 24/7
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