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Equal Payment Plan

Why not make budgeting for energy easy with a predictable monthly bill from PSE&G? To get started, sign up for our FREE Equal Payment Plan online, or call us at 1-888-275-PSEG (7734).

Our Equal Payment Plan (EPP) allows you to manage your energy costs by paying the same amount each month for your energy bills. While you still pay for the exact amount of the energy you use, the total cost is spread equally throughout the year.

Twice a year, you’ll be billed your regular EPP amount plus any balance due, or less any credit. We’ll also let you know if your payment amount needs to be adjusted due to a change in your energy use.

Equal Payment Plan Frequently asked Questions:

  • Is there any cost to participate?
    No. There’s no charge for the Equal Payment Plan, and you can enroll at any time.
  • Do you still need to read my meters?
    We need to reconcile actual usage to the Equal Payment billed amount, so it’s important to continue to have access to your meters on a monthly basis. If your meter readings have been estimated, an actual reading may be required before signing up for the Equal Payment Plan.
  • What is the balancing month?
    The twelfth month after you begin the plan is the balancing month, when we compare the amount you’ve paid to your actual usage. You’ll then be billed your regular Equal Payment amount, less any credit or plus any balance due.
  • Will I be able to keep track of my actual energy usage?
    Absolutely. Check your actual monthly usage on the section of your bill labeled “PSE&G Equal Payment Plan" near the end of your billing statement.
  • Can I sign up for the Equal Payment Plan if I have past-due balances?
    No. To qualify for the Equal Payment Plan, the balance on your PSE&G bill must be current.
  • Does PSE&G offer any other services to help manage my energy costs?
    Sign up for our convenient Automatic Bill Pay service. Automatic Bill Pay lets you authorize regularly scheduled payments to be made directly from your checking or savings account, so you never have to worry about late payments again.

NOTE: In order to qualify for EPP, the balance on your PSE&G bill must be current. It must not include past due balances.

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