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PSEG procures a variety of products and services from a variety of suppliers.  Below is an overall general listing of the products and services PSEG purchases on an annual basis.  Remember, registering on the PSEG Supplier Registration Site is the first step to doing business with PSEG.  When registering please be sure to identify any key words listed below that accurately describe your business.  Please ensure your business is registered before contacting any Procurement associate to ensure viable two way communication.

You can find a list of annual procurement opportunities by clicking here.

Business Services - Contact Stephen Kelly
Benefits, Building Services, Business Mgt, Business Support, Change Mgt, Environmental, Food Services, Freight & Warehouse, Furniture, HR Benefits, Legal, Marketing, Medical, Office Supplies, Office Equipment, Org. Design, Printing, Resource Recovery, Rental Leasing, Security, Security & Traffic, Staff Augmentation, Travel, Training, Environmental Site Remediation, Recycling, Permitting, Flaggers, Commercial Construction, janitorial services, Facilities Management Surveys and mapping, recruiting, Advertising & Marketing

Delivery/Utility Services - Contact Andrew Sotirhos
A/E Consulting, Appliance Parts, Construction Projects, Consumables, Facilities - Delivery, Fleet, Gas Installation, Manhole & Conduit, Meters & Instruments, Paving, Poles, Pole Line Hardware, Services/DC14, Street Lights, Switchgear & Substation, Towers, Transformers, T&D Services, Vegetation Mgt, Wire & Cable

Fossil Services - Contact Nick Tonzetich
Boilers, Chemicals, Connecticut Plant, Construction Projects, Electrical MRO, Power Facilities, Fuel System Mtce, General Mill, insulation, Power Plant OEM, Power Plant Support, PV&F, Safety Equipment, Tools & Hardware, Turbines

Information Technology - Contact Diane Stenberg
Applications Development, Application Support, Hardware & Support, Lan/Wan, IT Projects, IT Services, Software Licensing, Telecom Equipment, Telecom Services

Nuclear Services - Contact Gary Smith
Armed Security, Construction Services and Projects, Crane Maintenance, Consumables, Diving, Engineering, Fasteners, Filters, Inspection, Insulation, Instrumentation & Control, Power Plant Support, Pumps, Radioactive Waste Transportation and Disposal, Valves.  

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