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(as of March 1, 2018)

The project remains under budget and on schedule to meet PJM Commitments. The Primary Critical Path is through the commissioning and loop checks for the Unit 11 Blow-down system and completing the Unit 11 High and Intermediate Feedwater Flushes to First Fire. First Fire drives Steam Blows, Pipe Restoration and Steam By-Pass Operation to Initial Steam Turbine Roll. The Secondary Critical Path is essentially a Unit 12 duplicate of the Primary Path, followed by the commissioning of STG-10 and support systems. The Unit #11 HRSG has been filled with water. 137 of 182 system have been turned over to the Start-up Commissioning Team. Preparations to fire the Auxiliary Boiler are in progress. Current site manpower is approximately 650 with 150 on night shift.  

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