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Meeting space at the EERC is flexible in use and designed to accommodate a variety of functions. Rooms can be set up for meetings, conferences, trainings, workshops, educational programming, luncheons, and formal affairs. The auditorium has hosted functions across all stakeholder groups, including:

  • New Jersey Fish & Wildlife
  • Local, state and federal officials
  • Nuclear Regulatory Commission
  • Salem County Superintendents’ Roundtable
  • PSEG internal functions
  • Local law enforcement
  • New Jersey Association of 4-H Agents
  • Red Cross
  • Salvation Army

Please note: The EERC is not available for personal uses, e.g. birthday parties, weddings, etc.

A multi-purpose room is available to the community free of charge for meetings and functions. Equipped with audiovisual equipment and movable tables and chairs, the multi-purpose room can easily accommodate meetings, trainings and programs up to 130 individuals.

The classroom provides space for educational programming that complements exhibit tours and enhances a visit to the EERC. Designed to accommodate 30 individuals, the classroom supports internet access and computer-based teaching and is available for teachers’ workshops, science camps, and other functions.

The wet lab is a hands-on learning laboratory where young people can explore energy and environmental sciences. Designed for easy clean-up and stocked with microscopes, electricity kits and specimen tanks, the lab offers a space for students to explore, experiment and discover their inner scientist! The wet lab is available for Scout groups, summer camps, and other learning opportunities.

There is no food service at the EERC, but groups are welcome to cater in or bring food for their functions. As part of our company’s commitment to environmental stewardship, PSEG has a formal recycling and composting system in place at the EERC. Groups are responsible for clean up after their function, and we ask for your help in adhering to our waste removal guidelines. Please contact the EERC if you are interested in scheduling a function.  

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