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The Conversion Process

While no two gas conversions projects follow the same course, a general process exists that is somewhat predictable. You can generally count on the conversion process to follow the following steps:

  • If you are presently a natural gas customer, PSE&G is available to provide an estimate to replace your old gas / oil / electric / propane heating system under its WorryFree Programs.

    • Call 1-800-539-PSEG (7734) and schedule an appointment for an estimate.
    • This is an optional service and there are other service providers available in the yellow pages.
  • If you do not presently use natural gas or have a gas meter, please see the information below:

    • The Customer contacts a plumber or HVAC contractor of their choice.

    • The plumber or HVAC contractor performs preliminary equipment design & specifications, and contacts PSE&G with gas load information.

    • PSE&G provides the customer or project manager with estimates for the installation of gas service (if required). If there is an existing gas service, PSE&G will determine if the pressure, service, regulator and meter are adequate to meet the additional gas load(s).

    • The customer or project manager finalizes design based upon PSE&G’s service entrance location.

    • The plumber or HVAC contractor sells the gas equipment to the customer.

    • PSE&G, if required, constructs main extensions and service connections.

    • The plumber or HVAC contractor installs gas equipment.

    • PSE&G inspects the installation and sets metering equipment. Gas service is turned on.

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