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The Advantages of Natural Gas

The advantages of natural gas can be grouped into three main categories.

Natural gas is: environmentally clean

  • Natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. Because the combustion process for natural gas is almost perfect, very few byproducts are emitted into the atmosphere as pollutants. Also, with the introduction of new technologies, nitrogen oxide, a pollutant targeted by the Clean Air Act can be significantly reduced. The blue flame seen when natural gas is ignited is a sign of perfect combustion.
  • Because natural gas burns cleanly, it doesn't leave behind any unpleasant soot, ash, or odors.
  • Switching to natural gas eliminates the need for an underground storage tank--eliminating the threat of oil spills, soil contamination and costly environmental clean-up.
  • Or, if the oil tank is above ground, switching to natural gas eliminates worry about spills or corrosion of the tank. And-- there's no unsightly storage tank to clutter the appearance of the property.
  • Natural gas is non-toxic. If inhaled in small amounts natural gas is not poisonous or harmful to humans.

Natural gas is: economical and efficient

  • Natural gas is convenient. The energy source is piped directly to the customer's facility through the safe, efficient pipeline system. There's no need to store oil on site in tanks, or schedule oil deliveries.
  • There is an abundant supply of domestic natural gas. Over half of the oil used in this country is imported. The price and supply of oil is susceptible to international events.
  • Natural gas is reliable. The pipeline system can't be easily damaged by weather or affected by weather conditions. In contrast, oil must be trucked to the customer's location, and truck deliveries are susceptible to weather conditions.

Natural gas: has an enviable safety record

  • An odorant is added to natural gas by the producer. When the smell of gas is detected, it signals that a leakage exists and should be fixed.
  • Both natural gas and PSE&G have an excellent tradition of safety. To report an emergency, such as a gas leak, power outage or loss of heat, call the regional emergency number on the back of your bill, or our main number, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: 1-800-350-PSEG (7734).
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