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The house wiring and plumbing must be inspected by the local inspection authority prior to PSE&G installing your electric and/or gas meter.

There are specific requirements for electric and gas meters:


  • Complete an application for wiring inspection and forward to your local electric division location.
  • Provide the DWMS project number when picking up materials.
  • Local inspection authority must inspect your installation and provide PSE&G with a Certificate of Approval (cut-in card) before we can connect service.
  • PSE&G will inspect as required to ensure the installation meets safety requirements.


  • There must be an active electric service to the building where the gas meter is to be set. Refer to the Meter Set Guidelines document before you locate your meter and house riser.
  • At least one major appliance must be installed and ready to be turned on and adjusted at the time of meter installation.
  • The municipal “piping pressure test” yellow sticker must be affixed to the house piping or the premises.
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