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PSE&G will review your request and provide a response based on your requirements.  For New Jersey rules governing Residential Buried Underground Distribution (BUD), please see the NJ Tariff and/or New Jersey Administrative Code.  You will receive the DWMS reference number for your project.  All future inquiries will require this reference number in order to provide information about your project.

If your job requires an easement, please click here.

To start your project call PSE&G; for Northern counties (Bergen, Essex, Hudson, Hunterdon, Middlesex, Morris, Passaic, Somerset, or Union County), call
1-800-722-0256 and for Southern counties (Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Mercer, Monmouth, or Ocean County), call 1-800-832-0076.  To apply, download the appropriate forms and fax it back as indicated on the instruction sheet.

To process your application quickly and efficiently, you will need the following:

  • Approved site plans or foundation in place (call your PSE&G representative for details).
  • Contact Information for the Customer/Authorized Representative.
  • Billing Information.
  • Service Location and Use Information:
       (possibly including Pole/Pad Number from Service Location, if available)
  • For Electric Service, you will also need the following Information:
  • If New Service -- load details for the new meter(s) you are requesting,
    including Volts, Amps, Phase and air conditioning load for the New Service.
  • If Upgrading/Moving/Splitting Service -- load details for both the existing meters and new meters, including existing and new Volts, Amps, and Phase.
  • For New Gas Service, you will also need the following information:
  • Project start date/expected service date
  • Load details for all meters required, including required pressure.
  • For New Service for a Residential Subdivision, you will also need the following information:
  • Details on the different types of "Unit" in your residential Subdivision,
    including electric and gas load details, pressures, Volts, Amps, and Phase.
  • Building Phase Information -- How many of each type of unit will be created in a phase, timelines for each phase, etc.

Fill out the Electric and/or Gas form and fax it back as indicated on the instruction sheet.  

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