• Municipal Customer/Facilities Data

    Name of the Municipality:

  • Last Updated:

  • Number of Customers Served:

  • Number of Stations Feeding Municipality:

  • Number of Circuits Feeding Municipality:

  • Number of Pole in Municipality:

  • Number of Miles of Conductor in Municipality:

  • Municipal Outage and Damage Data

    Numbers of Customers Out:

  • Percent of Customers Out:

  • Estimated Time of Restoration (ETR) Min:

  • Estimated Time of Restoration (ETR) Max:

  • Date of earliest current outage in Municipality: *

  • Number of Circuits Affecting Municipality:


    Number of Customers to be Restored Today: *

  • Number of jobs on Circuits affecting Municipalitry: *

  • Number of jobs being Worked on jobs affecting Municipality: *

  • Confirmed Poles Damaged on Circuits Affecting Munucipality: *

  • Confirmed Tree Locations on Circuits Affecting Municipality: *

  • Pending Damage Assessment Locations on Circuits Affecting Municipality: *

Description of Facilities feeding Municipality:

The circuits serving the municipality consist of 4 and 13-kV conductors that originate in substations. The circuits leave the substation in underground construction to wood pole lines where the conductors are in overhead construction. Certain developments are served as Buried Underground Distribution (BUD) where the conductors are in underground construction.

Additional Description of Facilities feeding Municipality:

Portions of the downtown area of the municipallty are served network service from an underground manhole and conduit system.

Enhanced Global ETR : *

Description of the nature and timing of the restoration efforts : *

* Only available when PSE&G has its storm process in effect.

Disclaimer - The information displayed here is approximate and reflects system estimates based on reports received from customers. For this purpose, “customer” refers to a PSE&G account, not an individual person. Because power lines and other electrical equipment often span county and municipal boundaries, the source of the outage may differ from the location of affected customers. This information automatically updates every 15 minutes. You must refresh or reload your browser to retrieve the latest data.
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