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Occupational Health & Safety

At PSEG, we have transformed our culture into one that emphasizes total health and safety. We believe in a set of core values that position health and safety at the top of our business priorities. Excellence in health and safety translates to long-term operational excellence.

The goal is clear: achieve an accident-free environment where no one gets hurt!

“Our Commitment to Health and Safety,” statement unites PSEG employees, unions and company leaders in making health and safety our number one priority - more important than production, profits and serving the customer.  It provides every employee and contractor the absolute right and obligation to question, stop and correct any unsafe act or condition.
Prior to 1997 PSEG experienced, on average, one fatality every ten months.  PSEG has since undergone a dramatic shift in its health and safety culture.

Health and Safety Councils
Today, PSEG uses a twelve-component Health and Safety system created by grassroots leadership along with management support. Union-management Health and Safety Councils at the local, business and corporate levels are the backbone of the system.  Over sixty councils comprised of more than 500 employees dedicate their time, effort and expertise to transforming our health and safety culture.

The outcome has been the creation of an authentic, sustained safety culture which has moved beyond engineering controls and training to norms, perceptions, values, beliefs and behaviors.  Employees are involved in: stopping unsafe jobs, joining councils, bringing concerns forward and resolving them.

Critical Success Performance Indicators
PSEG has significantly reduced the number of fatalities, lost time accidents, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recordable injuries and illnesses since 1997. At that time, PSEG had experienced 32 fatalities in the previous 27 years.

Since then, results have been consistently positive toward achieving our strategy of top decile industry performance for all critical health and safety performance indicators.  PSEG has had only one work related employee fatality in the last eleven years.  In 2008 our safety performance was in the top quartile of industry peers as measured by OSHA Recordable Incident Rate (1.42) and OSHA Lost Time Days Rate (8.00).  Our ultimate goal: target zero.


Environment, Health and Safety Policy
In 2008, PSEG revised the Environment, Health and Safety Policy statement to further emphasize our commitment to contractor and nuclear safety.

Contractor Safety
In 2008, PSEG revised the Environment, Health and Safety Policy statement to further emphasize our commitment to contractor and nuclear safety. 

Contractors are held to the same safety standards and expectations as PSEG employees.  An executive officer contractor review board is responsible for resolving unacceptable contractor safety performance up to and including the termination of the purchase order/contract in whole or in part.

Nuclear Safety
Nuclear safety upholds our unique and essential responsibility to operate and maintain our nuclear plants with a profound respect for the reactor core and with an overarching charge to preserve the health and safety of the general public and our employees, foster a strong nuclear safety culture, and continually strive for excellence in every part of our nuclear operation.

Ergonomic Improvements
In 2008, PSEG acted on the recommendations of a team of union and nonunion employees that had studied ways to reduce injuries to electric delivery workers. Their four-year effort led to the introduction of over 800 battery-operated cutters and crimpers and other tools, which will lower health care costs and lost time due to musculo-skeletal disorders.

PSEG is currently developing a corporate ergonomics process that includes management and union leadership, employee participation, hazard information reporting, job hazard analysis and control, training, and a musculo-skeletal disorder management process and program evaluation.

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