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Total Life Cycle Management
For decades, PSEG has excelled at end-of-life material management, including resource recovery, recycling and waste minimization.  We are now working to apply that same rigor to all aspects through a total life cycle management approach. We are employing technological solutions that reduce energy usage and carbon emissions such as the use of energy efficient servers and personal computers, LEED-certified building products, and hybrid vehicles.

We continue to seek verified methods of assessing a material’s carbon footprint, environmental impact and cost of disposal prior to purchase, and have successfully identified alternative products that have a reduced environmental impact.

  • We now use biodegradeable oil in our transformers to reduce PCBs.
  • We are investigating lead-free alternatives for lead wheel weights on cars and light trucks as part of our commitment to the EPA National Partnership for Environmental Priorities.  

Environmentally Preferred Purchasing
While all suppliers are evaluated on total cost and their ability to meet the scope of work requirements, PSEG maintains a preference for supplier’s with status as a MWBE or environmentally-preferred vendor, other factors being equal.

Total Local Spending
PSEG overall 2008 expenditures for materials and services with suppliers within the state of New Jersey reached over $953 million. 

Supplier Code of Conduct
PSEG is zealous in its efforts to convey the importance of its Standards of Integrity to its suppliers as well as its expectation that all suppliers adhere to them.  At least once each year, PSEG reaches out to its major suppliers to remind them that the Standards of Integrity is the embodiment of PSEG’s commitment to conducting business in accordance with the highest ethical standards, and that as a condition of engagement with PSEG, the supplier has agreed to abide by those standards.  Further, the Standards of Integrity are incorporated into suppliers’ contracts with PSEG. We also communicate the standards to them every two years after re-issuance.

Vendor Audits
PSEG performs environmental due diligence site visits at all waste facilities under consideration, and then uses the information in supply chain management contract decisions.  During late 2008 and early 2009, four such site visits were performed as part of competitive bidding for new corporate contracts for recycling and disposal of a variety of waste types, including; electrical equipment, PCB and hazardous waste, as well as surplus soil / spoils disposition. 

Contractor Safety
In 2008, PSEG held its first Supplier Health & Safety Summit.  Sponsored by the supply chain management and environment, health and safety groups, the event drew nearly 150 key construction contractors and informed them of PSEG’s safety initiatives and new safety requirements that they will be required to follow.

In 2008, PSEG revised the Environment, Health and Safety Policy statement to further emphasize our commitment to contractor safety. 

Contractors are held to the same safety standards and expectations as PSEG employees.  An executive officer contractor review board is responsible for resolving unacceptable contractor safety performance up to and including termination of the Purchase Order/Contract in whole or in part.

PSEG introduced a Contractor Safety Initiative Project in 2008 to enhance its existing Project Management Model.

  • Indoctrination Training for all construction employees is now mandatory for anyone working for the construction department.
  • We use a Safety Constructability Checklist to ensure that safety-related issues are consistently addressed and built into all aspects of a project.
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