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Serving Customers, Building Communities

PSE&G has a network of 16 urban-based Customer Service Centers, places where customers go to pay bills, arrange for service, learn about programs available to them, and much more. These centers coordinate a variety of services, including:

  • Bill payments (check or cash),
  • Account investigations,
  • Service activation/deactivation (move-in, move-out),
  • Credit and collection,
  • Field visits to customer’s home or apartment, and
  • AT&T Language Line to provide comprehensive service to all customers.

2006 CSC Transactions 2007 CSC Transactions 2008 CSC Transactions Total
Service 713,395 719,490 623,520 2,056,405
Cashiering 1,817,836 2,023,680 1,919,903 5,761,419
Total 2,531,231 2,743,170 2,543,423 7,817,824


Empowering Customers
Beyond this, PSE&G partners with local community organizations to support payment assistance outreach, social, and educational programs.  Over the years, our Customer Service Centers (CSC) have participated in social collection activities such as toy, coat, school supply drives.  In 2007 the company conducted focus groups with nonprofit agencies, local officials, customer and employees to explore ways to engage customers and service them beyond bill payment.  Our premise is this: If we can empower customers by helping them to move toward self-sufficiency (economically, educationally and socially), we are helping them to enhance their roles as parents, heads of households, citizens, and customers.

Using this stakeholder input, our 2007 CSC Strategy Report set three goals:

  • to positively influence customer perception,
  • bring programs and services closer to lower income customers, and
  • improve the overall quality of life.

We began implementing this strategy in 2008 by inviting nonprofit community organizations to come into our centers and talk to customers – actually have a “live” presence. We try to partner with statewide organizations that have a presence in all of our urban cities.  Our facilities have hosted food stamp, voter and U.S. Census registration drives and groups related to child abuse prevention, child healthcare and financial literacy.

  Drug-free contract

Through the Partnership for a Drug-Free New Jersey, over 9,000 students from 160 schools signed contracts promising to be alcohol, tobacco and drug-free. Over 750 contracts were dropped off at PSE&G Customer Service Centers.

Given the diverse customer base we serve, PSE&G Customer Service operates a Language Line, available at 800-260 5870, which provides translation services for nearly 180 languages.

Change a Light
To help customers conserve energy, PSE&G distributed 100,000 free compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs to its customers and 10,000 to its employees. Both employees and customers were encouraged to participate in the ENERGY STAR “Change A Light – Change The World” on-line pledge drive to switch standard light bulbs to CFLs in their homes. As a result of the campaign, PSE&G exceeded its goal to be the leading pledge driver in support of NJ’s Clean Energy Program. More than 1,600 customers and employees pledged to switch to CFLs between November 19 and December 31, 2007 – the most of any New Jersey organization supporting the Clean Energy Program. With normal use, the 100,000 bulbs distributed to customers from PSE&G will result in a reduction of 40,000 tons of carbon dioxide during the life of the bulbs, which is equal to taking 9,000 cars off the road for one year.

Helping Renewable Energy Pay
PSE&G is committed to helping customers make the most of their solar installations and renewable energy investments.  Through our net metering arrangement, we try to make it as easy as possible for customers to sell their excess capacity back to the grid.  The number of net metering customers rose from 807 in 2007 to 950 in 2008, a 17 percent increase. We expect this number to steadily increase, driven by monetary incentives, the Solar Renewable Energy Certificates market, and New Jersey’s aggressive Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards goal – obtaining 2.12 percent of total power generated in state from renewable sources by 2021.

  Thermostat installation

PSE&G field service technicians will begin installing programmable thermostats free of charge during all service visits to customers in Newark and Trenton in 2009.

Better Technology to Serve Customers
In May 2007, PSE&G began work on an ambitious project to replace our customer and management systems with state-of-the-art technology.  The $160 million project will replace PSE&G’s aging customer service, gas service information management and meter data repository systems, and put 1,000 technicians on new mobile data applications.

Upgrading these systems enables PSE&G to work more efficiently and better serve its customers. The new management systems will allow PSE&G Appliance Service and electric meter technicians to serve customers faster, and customer service representatives to respond to customer inquiries with more timely information.  Customers will be empowered to manage their relationship with the utility at their convenience, with a host of new self-service features on the PSEG Web site,  The project was built throughout 2008 and scheduled to launch in March 2009.

Online Convenience for Builders and Developers
Our Builder/Developer Web site is now more user-friendly with additional information and a simplified on-line application.  With this added convenience, on-line application activity increased by 60 percent. In 2009 we will continue customer outreach to encourage increased usage of the on-line application.

Measuring Customer Satisfaction
Through our Customer Perception Survey we obtain monthly assessments of customer experiences with PSE&G as well as perceptions about how the company is performing and what value we bring to the community.  We communicate these scores to all business units which in turn use the results to track their performance against business unit and enterprise-level scorecard goals.  Scores from this survey directly impact organizational process and dips in scores result in corrective action plans.

We also use transactional Moment of Truth surveys to measure customer satisfaction with our processes and to aid in identifying and making process improvements. Each year we set targets areas for each customer satisfaction survey – typically in the 8.5 to 9.3 range on a 1-10 point scale.  In 2008, all key processes scored 8.4 or higher in 2008, with four processes scoring 9.0 or greater.

Customer Perception Survey Results:





Overall satisfaction with PSE&G*




Satisfaction following a recent transaction with PSE&G**




* % of residential customers rating their overall satisfaction with PSE&G between 6 through 10 on a 0-10 scale.
** Average rating given by customers following a transaction with PSE&G measured on a 1-10 scale.

PSE&G’s WorryFree SM Services
WorryFree delivers safe reliable services for residential and small business customers. PSE&G customers rely on Appliance Service to repair, replace and protect their heating, cooling and water heating equipment. WorryFree programs are optional services exclusively available to customers located in our service territory. Today more than half million customers rely on this WorryFree protection from unexpected repair bills for their home’s major appliances both electric and gas. WorryFree embodies our vision of people delivering reliable, economic services that keep our customers safe.

A Green Toolbox
The new “Toolbox of Green Solutions” empowers PSE&G employees, giving them a central source of information on all existing and pending energy efficiency, solar and renewable energy programs available to PSE&G customers from both PSE&G and the State of New Jersey.  This tool enables our employees to more effectively assist customers. We plan to place a version of this toolbox on our external Web site, making it available to customers.

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