PSEG recognizes that climate change is the most important environmental issue of the time, and has taken steps to reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs) through, among other things, (1) energy efficiency; (2) renewable energy; and (3) clean central station generation, including nuclear.


PSEG’s Environmental Stewardship and Biodiversity Commitment recognizes the role that the company plays in promoting a balanced ecological community. The commitment focuses on identifying and implementing actions that will support adaptations within the natural community in response to climate related impacts.


PSEG is confident that the most pressing environmental challenges can be met and a clean energy future can be achieved. The company strongly supports public policies to help achieve emissions reductions, reduce energy consumption and meet renewable energy goals.

Sustainability /
2013 PSEG Sustainability Report

Sustainability is an important part of who we are at PSEG.

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PSEG Power /
Responsible Coal

Spurs the Economy, Creates Jobs and Protects Public Health

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Estuary Enhancement /
Restoring Wetlands...

Tidal wetlands are one of the most productive ecosystems on earth.

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