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Start Service, Stop Service or Transfer Service

Moving in, moving out, or transferring service, is easy with PSEG. Just select one of the options below to get started. These services are available only to customers serviced within PSE&G's Service Territory.

Start Service or Move In
Open a new PSE&G gas and/or electric account at an existing location serviced by PSE&G.  Please call us at 1-800-436-PSEG (7734) or visit one of our customer service centers.

Questions About Applying for Electric and/or Gas Service?
Have questions about applying for electric and/or gas service with PSE&G? Find the answers here.

Stop Service or Moving Out
Close your PSE&G gas and/or electric account. This request for service is designed for customers who are moving out and no longer require gas and/or electric service from PSE&G. This can be done through My Account. Log in now!

Transfer service
If you are an existing PSE&G customer and wish to transfer service, you must stop service at your current address and then start service at your new address. This can be done through My Account. Log in now!

PSE&G Deposit Policy:
PSE&G may require customers to provide a reasonable deposit as a condition of supplying service, in accordance with Board of Public Utility regulation.  


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