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PSE&G has concluded its second competitive solicitation under the Solar Loan III Program.  PSE&G will announce the schedule for its third solicitation shortly.  Interested parties are encouraged to review the information provided on this website in detail.  Thank you for your interest.

Hundreds of PSE&G’s residential and commercial electric customers have already used our popular Solar Loan Program to help finance the installation of solar systems on their homes and businesses.

And thanks to a recently approved extension to the program, PSE&G will again be able to accept solar loan applications beginning in the fall of 2013 from customers in our electric service territory.  The extended Solar Loan program will support the financing of 97.5MW-dc of solar capacity during the next two to three years.

The Solar Loan Program can help qualified customers finance a portion of the total cost of their solar system.  View the list of program requirements. 

The loan can be re-paid with cash or by using Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) with a minimum floor price for each credit guaranteed by PSE&G.  With this guarantee, solar loan customers can be assured that the SRECs generated by their system will have a substantial value for the life of the loan.

By taking advantage of the Solar Loan Program PSE&G customers might find out-of-pocket costs to install a solar system to be surprisingly low and the time needed to re-coup their investment to be shorter than expected.

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  • PSE&G Residential Electric Customers
  • PSE&G Commercial Electric Customers
  • Solar Developers for Residential Aggregated Projects (Note: this segment is open to qualified solar developers interested in owning solar systems hosted by PSE&G residential electric customers)
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