PSE&G Offers Central Air Conditioning Replacement to Our NJ customers

When it’s hot outside, we’re here to help keep your family cool inside. So, if you’ve decided your air conditioning needs replacement, just call all our 24-hour live Customer Information Center at 1-800-240-3609 for a free replacement estimate.

Material, labor, and disposal of old units are included in all replacement services at our guaranteed replacement package price. Our air conditioning replacement experts will provide a WorryFree replacement proposal based on an on-site inspection of your home.

Easy Payment

When PSE&G replaces your air conditioning equipment you get an easy payment plan:

  • No money down and up to 24 months to pay.
  • Rebates on qualifying high efficiency models.

Customers installing high-efficiency central air conditioners and electric heat pumps can receive special rebates.

New Worryfree Products /
Mini-split heating/cooling system and Heat Pumps

Now available!

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Call before 1:00 p.m. (Mon. - Sat.) and have a new water heater installed the same day.

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