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PSE&G has restored power to virtually all of the 1.7 million customers impacted by Hurricane Sandy, the worst storm in our company’s history.

PSE&G restored power to virtually all customers affected by Hurricane Sandy and the nor’easter by Monday, November 12.  While restoration is substantially complete, we know there are some customers who may still be out of service as a result of the two storms or localized problems with their electric service. Repairs will continue on a 24/7 basis to address all customer issues.

If your power is still out OR if your power was restored but then went back out, please call it in. There may be new or additional damage that we need to know about. You can contact PSE&G by calling 1-800–436–7734. If you hear from our automated system that an outage in your area has been restored, please enter a new “no power” order. If you hear that we have your order, there is no need to issue a new one.

To restore customers after a storm of this magnitude, we needed to make a significant number of temporary repairs to our electric delivery system. Crews will now begin to make those repairs permanent and return the system to its normal design. Many of the out-of-state crews are still here and will help us complete some of this work during the next few days. To do so safely, we may need to take a circuit out of service for a period of time interrupting power to those customers. Service will be restored as soon as possible.

“Recovering from this storm has been grueling, not only for our customers who endured many hardships without electricity and heat, but also for the men and women who have been working non-stop since October 30th,” said Ralph LaRossa, President and Chief Operating Officer of PSE&G.

“While we have restored nearly all 1.7 million customers affected by Sandy, we know we have more work to do. We will not rest until every last customer has their power and our permanent repairs are completed,” he said. LaRossa said that as a result of the impact of the storm and the temporary repairs, for a period of time, the system may be less reliable than usual, and there may be more outages than the utility would experience in a normal day.

“The good news is that our restoration time will be faster,” he said. “We ask for your continued patience as we work to restore our system to normal and once again provide the high level of reliability our customers have come to expect.”  

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