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Submit Your Meter Reading Online or By Phone

PSE&G is excited to offer customers another alternative to a scheduled meter reading. Now, if you are unable to be home on the regularly scheduled reading date and you have fewer than 12 consecutive estimates, you can submit your gas and electric meter readings online for accurate billing. Online meter readings are now submitted through My Account. Log in or register now!

For your convenience, you can also submit your meter reading by phone by calling PSE&G's dedicated, 'Record-a-Meter' reporting system at 1-800-622-0197.

When to submit your meter reading:

To ensure the reading(s) is as accurate as possible: it needs to be submitted within 7 days before the scheduled meter reading date on your bill, but no less than 1 working day prior to the scheduled reading date on your bill. The meter reading department will then use your reading(s), and your bill will state, "cust read" next to the reading. If the reading is submitted outside this timeframe, your reading will be estimated.

Where to find the meter reading date:

The meter reading date appears on the left hand side of the first page of your PSE&G bill. Your bill may not reflect reading(s) submitted outside this timeframe. You can also see your meter reading dates by logging in to My Account. Select ‘Account Details’, then the “Meter Reading Schedule’ tab.  


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