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Procedure 360-15 Fuel Switch Energy Savings Measures and Existing Electric Equipment

The statement below defines further what PSE&G considers "emergency backup use" of existing electric equipment. Procedure 360-15 "Fuel Switch Energy Savings Measures and Existing Electric Equipment" states that facilities that operate existing electric equipment must account for the electric equipments operation when calculating Standard Offer fuel switch energy savings except when it is used for "Emergency Backup Use".

Operation of existing electric equipment is considered "Emergency backup use" when:

  • a) The Standard Offer Fuel Switch equipment experiences mechanical failure


  • b) The local utility interrupts gas service to a host facility that is on an Interruptible Service rate schedule necessitating the use of the electric equipment.

Any use of existing electric equipment for emergency backup uses must be documented and submitted to PSE&G for each occurrence within a billing period(one month), in order for the electrical consumption associated with its use to be considered for exclusion from the energy savings calculations.

Operation of existing electric equipment is not considered "Emergency backup use" when:

  • a) Used for economic reasons such as high natural gas prices (or)
  • b) Used as the primary end use equipment in the place of the Fuel Switch equipment (or)
  • c) Used to serve additional capacity requirements (or)
  • d) Used during routine or scheduled maintenance of fuel switch equipment (or)
  • e) Any other use does not qualify as "emergency backup use".

The requirement that existing electric equipment must be metered can be waved only by the host facility providing in writing, from the appropriate authorized parties, a statement that explicitly specifies that the existing electric equipment will only be used as emergency backup as described in PSE&G’s policies and procedures.

Approved By: Joseph Prusik DSM Performance Manager  

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